A cheesecake in the pressure cooker

It’s 9am on New Year’s day – or as it was also known, Wednesday – and I am a bit bleary eyed from the night before, although thankfully hangover free, While reviving myself with a cup of tea I pondered the task ahead; a desert for eight people, to be made, cooked and cooled to a point where it will be in a fit state to transported, all by midday.

I do the pudding most years for the get together with three of my best friends, their partners and husbands and at the most recent © Catherine Phipps and © Ebury Presscount three little ones – aged two years to a few weeks, so no pudding for them this year. It’s normally a pavlova, which has grown in size and encompassed a wide range of fillings over the years. But there wasn’t time to make one and it felt like something different was needed.

So fuzzy head cleared by caffeine I decided to give the New York Cheesecake recipe in Catherine PhippsThe Pressure Cooker cookbook a whirl.

It may seem odd to cook a cheesecake in a pressure cooker but as Catherine points out for baked ones you would normally use a bain marie so they would usually be cooked in a hot steamy environment. It was amazingly simple and quick. The most complex part was crushing the biscuits as I don’t have a food processor and my flat mate was asleep in the room next door so whacking them with a rolling pin – although fun – was going to be a bit noisy. In the end I put them in a plastic bag between two tea towels and squished them with a rolling (pin) action and my body weight.

After fifteen minutes at full pressure, and allowing it to drop naturally this lovely sight emerged.

Lime and ginger cheesecake

I went for the lime variation, using Sainsburys’ own brand ginger snaps and dark chocolate – to me cheesecake is a lovely slightly trashy desert and I didn’t want to go all ‘green and blacks’ on it. It was a big hit, really creamy and smooth.

To save time I skipped the caramel sauce but I had some very ripe mangos in the fridge so we cubed them before serving and the combination of mango, ginger and lime went together beautifully. So well in fact it was all eaten before I thought to take a photo of it out of the tin.

It only got a couple of hours in the fridge so I want to make another one that I can leave over night to see how that changes the texture – in the name of science of course.

So hats off to Catherine Phipps, without whom I would never have realised a cheesecake could be made so successfully in my much loved pressure cooker.


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