A bit early but….

2013-11-15 17.06.59I don’t know why but as I get older I get more in to Christmas – maybe it’s my nesting instinct going in to overdrive. I was in the 99p store getting the practical stuff in the photo and couldn’t resist a few Christmas items. I recon the decorations don’t look like they were 99p and the birds + the sparkly pine cones are to weave in to the wreaths for the front door and the flat door which I will make out of natural materials, holly and ivy.

I also couldn’t resist the ‘Cat in the Hat’ christmas hat – I have a plan to combine it with my foxes tail for an outfit.

I  am both amazed and a bit worried that the red broom was also 99p! It’s really solid and full sized but I am also wondering exactly what you have to do to be able to produce a decent broom that you can sell for 99p. The roses were also from there at 99p each, there is four plants in each pot so once they have flowered I will split and pot them up then harden them off and in spring transplant them at the allotment, if they survive they should make some nice miniature bush roses for the front of a border. 


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