Postcard detective

Postcards ready to be sent

Ready to go on their adventure, will they both make it back to me?

OK it’s been a while but I am back on my WordPress posting tip now. A quick one, it’s taken a few days but I realised today we haven’t had any mail through for well over a week. Now for some people this might be odd, but strange man I am, I like to get things in the post, even mailings and catalogues, especially seed catalogues. Not to mention the excitement of a new issue of a magazine and sometimes even a bit of post or a card from a friend. This means I normally get something most days so to get nothing for a week means something is up.

I’ve decided that it is very unlikely the Royal Mail customer service people will be able to do anything / believe me so I’ve devised a test. I’m sending myself two lovely postcards, one to my old address (to test my re-direction) and one to me at my new flat. I can’t tell if this is ingenious or just a bit crazy – but I will let you know the results!



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