postcards sent to Nicholson Clasby

I love getting things in the post – I always have. From my subscription to Look In magazine and the RSPB club as a kid, to more magazines than I like to admit to and my habit of signing up to mailing lists to see what pops through the door. As an adult getting post always cheers me up and I still get that moment of excitement as you find out what an unexpected envelope contains or who a card is from.

I realised recently that I hardly ever got post from people I was close too anymore. The postman always arrived with things I had brought or subscribed to, or the odd interesting mailer from a gallery or venue I like, (alongside the usual bills and junk mail which keeps the Royal Mail afloat). So I decided to start sending out postcards to friends, often for no real reason, no special occasion or reason to write – just to send them something for them to get in the post from someone they know.

The picture above isn’t postcards I’ve sent – they are some of the ones that have come back. I will keep sending my postcards, even with stamps being that bit more, and I do hope I will keep getting them back.

Giving is definitely one of the biggest pleasures in life, but receiving can be rather lovely too sometimes.


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