Baked Beans pie

I had the next set of wisdom teeth out last week – it’s all been swollen face and soft food. So I resorted to the culinary wonder that is Baked Beans Pie – this is most defintely what I think of as Kids food at its best 🙂

Baked Beans Pie by Nicholson Clasby

A pie fit for all – not just those with a swollen face!

So how do you make this wonder I hear you ask well it is truly foody heaven you need:

  • One tin of baked beans (I used Waitrose essentials  as I am middle class but cheap)
  • Lots of mash with lots of real butter in it
  • A big pile of mature cheddar cheese grated

Empty beans in to oven proof dish – top with mash cook till beans are bubbling. Sprinkle on cheese and return to oven till melted. Eat (but not to fast as, with all potato, it is blooming hot at first). Also reheats well in the microwave at work I found 🙂


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